Thursday, August 20, 2009

BMW Oracle Team Spying on Alinghi Catamaran in Italy

Spy Boat
The Italian News Agency ANSA, reports that a boat (pictured) has been commissioned by BMW Oracle to spy on the sea trials of Alinghi’s catamaran as it prepares for the America’s Cup in the United Arab Emirates.

Their job is to gather intelligence that could inform the American team as it prepares their trimaran.

Too Close for Comfort
Zerogradinord also reports that the spy boat was involved this week in an accident with an Italian fisherman. In their quest to get their pictures and information the spy boat rammed the fisherman’s craft as he was 600 metres out from the Genoa coast in Italy.

The female driver of the spy boat kept her course despite horn signals and ran into the long, stout fishing line (boulter) while the fisherman had to swiftly get out of the way to avoid a major collision.

Another eventful chapter in the America’s Cup drama.

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Image: BMW Oracle’s spy boat in Genoa.