Tuesday, October 6, 2009

See More Photos and Video of Alinghi in UAE Waters

Alinghi in UAE Waters
Take a look at the photo gallery at the official Alinghi site.

Posted with this article is one of several pictures of Alinghi’s arrival and lifting into the UAE waters. (Credit and courtesy to George Johns, Alinghi)

At this site Grant Simmer, design team coordinator, expresses the excitement of the team and the many people in the UAE who are looking forward to this regatta in the Emirates:

"The boat came down from Saqr Port and we lifted it out of the water, washed it down and put it in the boat shed. It's the first time that Alinghi has been to the Al Hamra harbour so it's quite a moment! It's very exciting for us because we've done a lot of work to get things ready here and to have the yacht in the base is great. We have some work to do on the boat which we've been planning since we were in Genoa, so the boys will start now and we should be sailing mid-month. The weather has been great. One of the reasons why we came here is because of the weather. It's beautiful: steady light to moderate winds and good weather, so we are looking forward to sailing here."

Read the entire press release.

Alinghi Looks Huge!
We’re grateful to Astrid in Dubai who has been out with her video camera and taken this footage. Alinghi looks huge alongside the support boats!

W Johnson, Alinghi V Set to Test Waters, The National, 5 October 2009.

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Image: Alinghi 5 suspended above UAE waters.